Borrowing from Gen Z

Cheugy: A Gen Z slang term mocking something as uncool and out of touch with current trends (pronounced "chew-gee").

I must be cheugy, because I've never heard the term before.

The SETA saga continues

Last year I shared with you the dubious joys of the MICT SETA accreditation process. You may remember my article about the importance of fire-extinguishers in training. I thought the end was in sight after I'd sent them more than 50 documents. I was wrong.

The latest requirement is a first aid certificate - for virtual training. Do I need to explain why this doesn't make sense? Never mind that, by law, we do not need to appoint a Health and Safety officer. I objected to this.

Our "global leader in the development and delivery of revolutionary ICT skills" (their words, not mine) answered me a few days before Christmas. The SITA policy doesn't permit virtual training or virtual skills assessments. My mind boggled. This is very cheugy.

I spent last Friday writing a letter of appeal. I feel like a Gen Z teenager whose parents don't understand me. Either they're aliens or I'm adopted.

The other SITA

From the SETA (Sector Education Training Authority) to the SITA (State Information Training Agency).

I confess that we've often used the SITA website as an example of what not to do on our HTML and CSS course. This week it was down for a while because of insufficient disk space. That's an error I've never seen on a website before.

The home page of any website is the hardest page to design. You have a few seconds to explain to readers what you do and why you do it. I've finished most of our new site, but I'm still struggling with the main page.

The SITA site has been redesigned and the home page is ... unexpected. It has a huge banner that says: "Be a partner in ethical conduct! Blow the whistle". I don't know if this means SITA is now woke or cringe or no cap (Gen Z terms I had to look up).

Perhaps it's good. I only once had a question about how to handle illegal conduct on my Project Management course. And that was from a SITA delegate. FYI: there isn't a project management answer to that question.

Icon confusion

The CSD is the Central Supplier Database for Government. This week I had to update some information there. It's abysmally slow, but it was the section icons that stumped me. It's a good thing there are descriptions, because some of them made as much sense as Gen Z slang to me.

  • The icon for Industry Classification is a padlock. But the classification has nothing to do with passwords, security or safety.
  • I thought the icon for Banking was a weird circle and star symbol. Charles recognised it as a piggy bank. I eventually saw the tail. It's like a hidden image you have to find.
  • The icon for BBBEE looks like the rook (castle) from a chess set. I have no idea what that means.

I would love to hear your comments on this topic. Or any Gen Z terms you want to share.

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