The Most Valuable Commodity

What is your most important asset in 2020?

Mine is time. We all spend time thinking about our plans and the outcomes we would like to achieve for 2020. I want to spend more time outdoors and with my family. To achieve this, I decided to investigate ways to simplify my life. This is what I have so far:

1. Make a meal plan

Thinking about what to eat every day is difficult and boring. To plan an adhoc meal takes effort. You have to try to remember what you have in the fridge and then run to the shop during your lunch break or after work to get the extra things you think you need. You stand in the queue at the cashiers thinking about coffee with your better half under the tree in the garden. By the time you get home, there is no more time for coffee. You sigh and start preparing, only to find that you forgot to buy the fundamental ingredient and have to substitute it with something else. Substitution brings its own set of problems and takes up more time. So in the end, you can spend more time thinking about the meal than actually making it. By using the plan, I buy groceries once a week and get home quicker. We sit down to our meal earlier and spend more time talking around the dinner table. A win for everyone!

2. Online shopping

This is not for everyone, but I have found that if I do my shopping online, I am less distracted by the other items in the shop. I only buy what I need. I can do it in the comfort of my home and check the grocery cupboard when I need to. I can watch the birds in my garden. This saves me time and money! I love this idea and have found it most useful and efficient. No more standing in queues, and far less frustration.

3. Study and research

I am going to spend 30 minutes a day researching a specific idea in my work and personal life. I love lists! They provide me with direction, and satisfaction when I can actually cross something off it. I take the time to make a list of topics I would like to research. My main goal is to find ways of doing things more efficiently and better than before. I am going to work smarter and not harder this year. I am also going to do 3 courses this year to better myself. Learning something new is good for the mind and gives you a new enthusiasm for your job.

4. Planning

Every year I decide that the family needs to take regular breaks away from home. I have the best intentions of booking our breaks ahead of time and making the reservations well in advance. But somehow, life always gets in the way and I lose my direction. That means I have to struggle to find accommodation (usually at a more expensive price) if we want to go somewhere. I normally have to phone a few places to find something that works for me. There goes the productivity for the day! This year I have put planning at the top of my priority list. So far, I have found that the time invested is paying off and I am feeling lighter. I am looking forward to sitting on the balcony of my chosen lodge and enjoying the scenery.

These are just a few things I have decided to do to replace the conventional ‘New Years Resolutions’ I make and break every year.

Let’s look at the IT environment for a moment.

This is a fast-paced and stressful environment. Deadlines are the order of the day. What could you do differently this year to save some time, without compromising of the quality of your work? Think about your next project and how much time you are planning to spend on it. Now look at the skills you have. Are you confident that you will be spending your time productively or are you slogging it out behind the keys? Having the right skills can save you oodles of time – the most valuable commodity of your life. Learning and knowing how to do things the right way can produce great results with minimal effort. When everything falls in place, it is invigorating. What are you going to do with your free time this year?

Incus Data can help you make this picture a reality. Our courses are designed to teach you the skills to make your day less of a slog. Knowing what to do and when to do it will increase your productivity. Do I have your attention yet?

Have a look at our offerings on our website and contact us. We look forward to serving you.

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