Advanced C++ Programming Course

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The Advanced C++ Programming course will take you to the next level as a C++ programmer. You will learn advanced C++ programming concepts, and techniques to make your code more efficient and more portable.

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Why you want to attend

You should attend the Advanced C++ Programming course if:

  • You are a C++ programmer and you want to learn about the advanced aspects of the C++ language.
  • You are a C++ programmer and you want to learn to write better C++ code.
  • You are an engineer working with embedded systems written in C++.

What you need to know first

Before you attend the Advanced C++ Programming course:

  • You must have attended our Standard C++ Programming course or already be comfortable with the fundamentals of the C++ programming language.
  • You should have at least 6 months practical experience programming in C++.

Price and duration

Price: R13,900.00 excluding VAT per delegate.

This price includes everything that you need:

  • All course material, provided in an electronic format.
  • An attendance certificate after the course, in PDF format.

Duration: 5 days.

The Advanced C++ Programming course is presented virtually. Find out more about our virtual training and how it works.

Please check the course schedule for the next available date.

How to book

It’s so easy to book for the Advanced C++ Programming course.

Just email us at You can send us a purchase order, or fill in our course enrolment form.

After we have received your booking, we will confirm that you are booked, and we’ll send you an invoice.

Detailed course contents


  • Overview of C++ and ISO C++11/14/17 Standards.
  • C and C++ differences, portability issues and using C legacy code in C++.
  • Structures and classes.
  • Function overloading.
  • Operators as functions.
  • Default parameters.
  • Variable number of parameters.
  • Constants and macros.
  • Inline functions.
  • Namespaces syntax and usage.
  • The standard library namespace.
  • Practical issues and tips for using namespaces.
  • Understanding and using references.
  • Run time type information (RTTI).
  • Name mangling.

Exception Handling

  • Syntax, structure and usage.
  • Exception handling options.
  • Advanced error handling.
  • Memory allocation error handling.
  • Classes for exception handling.

Pointers and Memory Management

  • Performance issues.
  • Understanding new, delete and other memory allocation
    options in various environments.
  • Overloading new and delete.
  • Dangling pointers.
  • Smart pointer classes.
  • Reference counting.
  • Shallow vs deep copying.

Classes, Inheritance and Polymorphism

  • Inheritance concepts.
  • Multiple inheritance.
  • Virtual functions and the vtable.
  • Abstract classes.
  • Pure virtual functions.
  • Access specifiers and usage.
  • Private or protected constructors and/or destructors.
  • Canonical classes.
  • Iterator and envelope classes.
  • Class factories.


  • Overview.
  • Template definition syntax.
  • Function templates.
  • Template parameters.
  • Class templates.
  • Deriving from templates.
  • Smart pointers with templates.

Standard Template Libraries

  • Principles and design issues.
  • Practical use of the STL containers, algorithms,
    data models, adaptors and allocators.
  • Tradeoffs.

Object-Oriented Design Principles

  • Overview of Object Orientation and the Unified Modelling Language.
  • Class relationships and associations.
  • Containment, composiition and aggregation.
  • HAS, USES and IS relationships.
  • Interfaces and abstract classes.

Download the course outline

Download the Advanced C++ Programming course outline in PDF format.

Advanced C++ Programming Course

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