Custom Courses For Programmers

Do you need training, but you can’t quite find what you want? Incus Data can create a custom course for your programmers that will meet your needs.

Ideas for custom courses

There are so many ways that we can address your needs by creating a custom course for your programmers. Here are some ideas for you to think about:
  • You can combine content from different courses. The possibilities are (almost) endless. You might combine topics from the Advanced Java Course and the JEE Development course and the Java Web Services course. Or you might want a custom web development course that covers multiple technologies.
  • You might want training that we no longer offer, or don’t schedule any more. Perhaps you still need Perl skills, for example, or your team needs to maintain Java servlets and JSP code. Check out the list of courses that are only available on request.
  • You may want training that we have never offered. This is how many of our courses start. Our React course, for example, was initially created as a custom course for a client.
  • Sometimes you want a course with only your development team. This gives you the option to use examples from your work environment. Or use the video conferencing software of your choice.
  • We can even customise the course times, so that you always have people available to support the system. For example, one client split their development team into two groups. This made it possible to train one group only in the mornings, and the other group only in the afternoons.
  • We can slow down (or speed up) the pace of the course. This can be useful if you have a group of inexperienced programmers. It’s better to slow down the course than to overwhelm them with too much information.
  • And don’t forget that a custom course can be a great way to save on your budget. We can modify the duration and the contents of the course to fit your budget.
  • We can even do an after-hours course. But we do not recommend this. Your programmers need time to learn. Nobody learns well when they are tired, so it is unfair and unproductive to expect them to work a full day and then attend a course as well.

Requirements for custom courses

There are some things to consider if you want a custom course:
  • You need at have least six (6) delegates for a custom course. We can sometimes do an in-company course (i.e. only your developers) for a smaller group, if it is a standard course.
  • We prefer Zoom, but we can use MS Teams for a custom course, if that is your preferred choice. You will need to set up the training sessions and invite our lecturer as a guest.
  • Our lecturer will need to discuss changes to the course content with a developer in your company who knows what the programmers need. We will not finalise the content without this discussion. We need to make sure that every one agrees about what the course will cover.

Cost and duration of a custom course

The cost and length of the training will depend on what you need.

The more content you want to cover, the longer the course will be. Longer courses obviously cost more than shorter courses.

If you want topics that we don’t cover in any of our courses, we need time to research and prepare. This kind of customisation may increase the cost. But sometimes we’ve already identified a market need for the course, so we are willing to make the investment.

The cost will also depend on how many programmers you need to train. The bigger the group, the more cost effective the training will be.

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Please contact us if you want to discuss options for custom training.

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