HTML and CSS Course

About the HTML and CSS course

The HTML and CSS course will teach you the international standards that make the web work. If you want to develop websites or write web applications, you need to know HTML and CSS. These skills will also help you if you use tools like WordPress, or email marketing systems.

The course will teach you how to create web pages that work in different browsers and on different devices – from desktops to smart phones. By the end of the course you will be able to build your own website.

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Why you want to attend

You should attend the HTML and CSS course if:
  • You want to develop web sites.
  • You want to develop web-based applications. (You’ll need more than just this course, but this is your starting point.)
  • You need to maintain internal company intranet pages, or web sites built by other people.
  • You need a more technical understanding of how to develop web sites that are search-engine friendly.

What you need to know first

Before you attend the HTML and CSS course:
  • You should be comfortable using the browser and the Internet.
  • You should understand the concepts of files and folders, and how to find them on your computer.

Price and duration

Price: R12,200.00 excluding VAT per delegate. This price includes everything that you need:
  • All course material, provided in an electronic format.
  • An attendance certificate after the course, in PDF format.
Duration: 5 days. The HTML and CSS course is presented virtually. Find out more about our virtual training and how it works. Please check the course schedule for the next available date.

How to book

It’s so easy to book for the HTML and CSS course. Just email us at You can send us a purchase order, or fill in our course enrolment form. After we have received your booking, we will confirm that you are booked, and we’ll send you an invoice.

Detailed course contents


  • How the Web works: client versus server technology.
  • The concept of a mark-up language.
  • The W3 Consortium and The WHATWG.
  • The evolution of HTML, including XHTML and HTML 5.
  • Deprecated elements.
  • HTML editors and converters.

Basic structure of an HTML document

  • Standards and validation.
  • Structural elements.
  • Sectioning elements in HTML 5.
  • Block elements.
  • Text formatting elements.

Links, images, multimedia and tables

  • Creating links between pages.
  • Source and destination links.
  • Adding images to a web page.
  • Image formats and colours.
  • The iframe elements.
  • Multimedia elements in HTML 5.
  • Creating tables.
  • Row and column groups.

Web Forms

  • Creating forms.
  • Form controls: radio buttons, checkboxes, selection lists and textboxes.
  • Simple PHP form processing.
  • Form controls in HTML 5.

Cascading Style Sheets

  • The importance of style sheets.
  • Incorporating style information.
  • CSS 1 and CSS 2 selectors.
  • Style sheet properties: font, background, padding, margin, border, text, list-item and display properties.
  • Units of measure and types of values.
  • The CSS cascade.

More Advanced CSS

  • CSS positioning.
  • Changing the display.
  • Example of CSS layers layout.
  • Media queries.
  • New functionality in CSS 3.

Design and Management

  • Accessibility guidelines.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Planning a web-site.
  • Design guidelines.
  • Compatibility issues.
  • Responsive web design.
  • The role of JavaScript.

Download the course outline

Download the HTML and CSS course outline in PDF format.

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