Introduction to Python Programming

About the Introduction to Python Programming course

Do you want to learn to program in Python? Coding is one of the most valuable skills you can learn. Even if you don’t plan to become a full-time programmer, coding skills will improve your productivity and your problem-solving skills. Python is a very popular programming language. It is currently #1 on the Tiobe index of programming languages. Python is used for many applications, including web development, automation and data science. The Introduction to Python Programming course is for you if you have little or no programming experience. You will learn the fundamental building blocks of programming, and how to read and write small programs in Python. This is the right course to start your journey as a Python programmer.

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Why you want to attend

You should attend the Introduction to Python Programming course if:
  • You want to learn more about programming.
  • You want to become a Python programmer.
  • You want to learn basic Python programming so that you can customise other applications.

What you need to know first

Before you attend the Introduction to Python Programming course:
  • You should be familiar with the concepts of files and folders on your computer.
  • You should be able to use a simple text editor.
  • You should be comfortable with simple calculations that use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and comparisons.

Price and duration

Price: R8,400.00 excluding VAT per delegate. This price includes everything that you need:
  • All course material, provided in an electronic format.
  • An attendance certificate after the course, in PDF format.
Duration: 3 days. The Introduction to Python Programming course is presented virtually. Find out more about our virtual training and how it works. Please check the course schedule for the next available date.

How to book

It’s so easy to book for the Introduction to Python Programming course. Just email us at You can send us a purchase order, or fill in our course enrolment form. After we have received your booking, we will confirm that you are booked, and we’ll send you an invoice.

Detailed course contents


  • Goals, expectations and mindset.
  • The importance of terminology.
  • Thinking like a programmer.
  • Why we need a programming language.
  • Choosing a programming language.
  • Why Python is so popular.
  • Compilers, interpreters and editors.

Getting started

  • The Python interpreter.
  • Using the command line.
  • Running scripts.
  • Using the REPL environment.
  • Using the documentation.
  • Python playgrounds

Python syntax

  • The concept of syntax.
  • Character set and case sensitivity.
  • Whitespace, statements and blocks.
  • Identifiers and keywords.


  • Creating and using Python variables.
  • Using the print() function for output.
  • Using the input() function for user input.

Data types and literals

  • Why data types are important.
  • Literals and data types.
  • Python variables and data types.
  • Integer and floating point data types.
  • The string data type and escape sequences.
  • The boolean data type.
  • Type conversion.

Expressions and operators

  • Numeric operators and working with numbers.
  • Comparison operators.
  • Assignment operators.
  • String operators and working with strings.
  • Building complex expressions with logical operators.
  • Operator precedence rules.

Python control statements

  • Conditional statements.
  • Iterative statements.
  • The range function.
  • Nesting control statements.

Python functions

  • Calling a function.
  • Creating a function.
  • Passing values to a function.
  • Returning values from a function.

Introduction to sequences

  • The concept of a sequence.
  • Creating lists.
  • List methods and slicing.
  • Iterating through sequences.

String manipulation

  • The concept of classes and objects.
  • Using string methods.
  • Strings as sequences.


  • Using modules and the import keyword.
  • Creating a random number.
  • Working with dates.

Additional topics

  • Python packages.
  • Introduction to exception handling.

Download the course outline

Download the Introduction to Python Programming course outline in PDF format.

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