Object Orientation and Design Courses

Design better with object orientation

Object orientation (OO) is a way to design and develop software. It is used for the whole software development life cycle. We use OO principles for the analysis of users’ needs, to the design of the system, and then in coding and testing. We use the Unified Modelling Language (UML) as a way to diagram the system using OO principles.

If you’re serious about coding, you need to understand object orientation. It has many advantages:

  • OO results in better software. It improves code reuse and maintainability.
  • OO has been used in practical software development for more than 20 years.
  • OO is at the heart of most programming languages used today, including Java, C++, C#, JavaScript and Python. If you want to understand and use libraries and frameworks, you will have to know the basics of OOP.

Code better with design patterns

When you understand OO principles, and you can program in an OO language, the next step is to learn about design patterns.

A design pattern is an optimised, reusable design solution to a programming problem that occurs often. It is not specific to a particular programming language. Design patterns improve code, because they provide a tested solution to a problem, and make it easier to maintain the code.

Our OO and design courses

Object-Oriented Analysis

This course is ideal for analysts who work closely with OO developers. It will teach you how to analyse and document your system using OO principles and UML diagrams. It will help you to understand the problem and the solution better. You will also  be able to communicate more effectively with your developers.

This course is run in parallel with the first 3 days of the Object-Oriented Analysis & Design course. If you have programming experience, you will benefit more from attending the full 5 days.

Object-Oriented Analysis & Design

The OO Analysis and Design course is for programmers who want to develop in any object-oriented language, such as Java, C# or C++. You will learn how to analyse, design and document your system using OO principles. It will help you to understand the problem and the solution better, communicate it more effectively and write better code.

The first 3 days of this course run in parallel with the Object-Oriented Analysis course. The shorter course is for analysts who are not programmers.

Design Patterns

The Design Patterns course is for programmers who want to know how to use design patterns to write better code. It is not specific to a particular programming language. This course will give you a solid foundation in design patterns: how to classify them, how to identify the right pattern, and when to use or avoid using a design pattern.

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