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You need web development courses

Can you imagine life without the Internet? Just think how many times a day you use the web for work or for fun.

Web development skills are no longer a nice-to-have, or just for graphic designers. They are the foundation for almost everything you will do: from email newsletters to websites to web applications.

HTML is what makes the web work. We use it to build everything, from simple web pages to complex web applications. We use CSS to make it look great. And we use JavaScript to make it interactive.

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Our difference is the lecturer

There are many online courses and tutorials. So why choose an Incus Data course? Remember how the right teacher made such a difference at school? That’s why you choose a web development course at Incus Data. Because our lecturers will make the difference to your learning experience.
  • You want to learn from someone who can answer your questions. We write our own manuals and develop our own websites. So we know from experience what you need to learn.
  • You want to learn from someone who is passionate about the subject. Our lecturers choose which courses they want to give, based on what they enjoy.
  • You want to learn from someone who enjoys teaching. We choose to teach. We get a kick out of sharing our knowledge. That’s why we like delegates who want to learn and ask questions.

Our web development courses


HTML makes the web work – every web page you view on the Internet is written in HTML. This course will teach you how to write web pages that work in different browsers and on different devices – from desktop computers to smart phones. You will learn how to make your pages attractive and interesting with CSS. By the end of the course you will be able to build a small web site, using only free tools that are already on your computer.

JavaScript Programming

JavaScript is one of the most important and popular languages in the world today. It is an essential skill for almost every developer, and a must for anyone who wants to develop for the web. This course will teach you the fundamentals of the JavaScript language. You will learn to write code that interacts with the web page, so that you can add functionality to your web site. It is also the foundation if you want to use JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery and React.

Angular Development

Angular is an open-source framework for developing web applications. It is one of the most important cross-platform frameworks today, and is maintained i.a. by Google. Angular reduces the amount of code developers have to write, and addresses many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. It uses HTML as a template language, and is based on TypeScript.

React Development

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. This course will teach you the fundamentals of using the React library to create web-based applications.

Introduction to Web Application Security

This course gives you an overview of the most important security concerns in web applications, and how to deal with them. You will learn how and why web apps are vulnerable. The course will cover the top 10 vulnerabilities, based on the Open Web Application Security Project. You will learn what each vulnerability is, and the best approach to counter the risk. This course does not focus on any particular programming language.

Introduction to Web Services

Web services make it faster and easier to share data between different systems. It means you can use legacy systems side-by-side with newer technologies. And your business can be available 24/7. It doesn’t matter what language or platform you use: web services are important.

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