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Good training is expensive: it takes time and costs money. You want to make sure you get the best results by doing the right training, at the right time.

Course prerequisites

We are very serious when we say that you need to have certain knowledge and skills before you attend a course.

Good training is expensive. You waste your time and money if you attend a course that is too advanced for you.

We have listed the prerequisites for each course in the information for that course.

You can read more about the importance of prequisites.

Previous programming experience

Most of our courses are designed for programmers. If a course requires programming experience and you have little or no experience, please attend the Programming Basics course first.

Moving from mainframe programming

As a mainframe programmer, you have years of experience in programming logic. That’s great. But you also have years of experience with a particular kind of technology. And that’s very different to languages such as C# and Java.

To make the change to an object-oriented language, we strongly advise that you first attend the Object-Oriented Analysis and Design course before attending Java, C++ or C#.

You will be be frustrated in the beginning. But once you understand this different way of thinking, your experience will help you.

The course road map diagrams

We’ve created some diagrams to show you how some of the courses link together. The diagrams show what you should attend first (the prerequisite courses). They also give you ideas for your training plan for the future.

  • Solid lines are requirements, i.e. prerequisite knowledge.
  • Dotted lines are recommendations, i.e. skills that will be helpful, but are not essential.

We don’t have road maps for every course. Sometimes, the right sequence of training depends on what you need to achieve.

If you are not sure, please contact us to discuss your training plan.

Course road map for Java

Roadmap for Java programming courses

Course road map for C and C++ 

Roadmap for C and C++ programming courses


Course road map for web development 

Roadmap for web development courses

Course road map for C#

Roadmap for C# programming courses

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