The Question of Accreditation

People sometimes ask if our training is accredited.

From 2002 until 2020, Incus Data was formally approved or accredited by the MICT SETA and its predecessors. We are no longer accredited, for the reasons explained here.


Incus Data has been training developers and engineers for more than 30 years. Our course content has always been determined by what industry and our delegates need, and never by government policy.

We offer short courses with a maximum duration of 5 days. Most of our delegates have a tertiary degree and are experienced programmers.

Accreditation in South Africa

First, a quick list of abbreviations:

  • DHET: Department of Higher Education and Training
  • NQF: National Qualifications Framework
  • QCTO: Quality Council for Trade and Occupations
  • SETA: Sector Education Training Authority
  • SAQA: South African Qualifications Authority

In South Africa, accreditation is the responsibility of the DHET or the QCTO. It is important to remember that DHET and QCTO accredit training, not institutions.

The DHET does not accredit short training courses. It defines a short course as a course with a duration of less than one year.

The QCTO is responsible for vocational training. The QCTO has taken over the accreditation function from the various SETAs.

In the past, the SETAs accredited courses that aligned with either a SAQA qualification or one or more SAQA unit standards. These have now expired.

The QCTO will only accredit a course that aligns with the new QCTO skills programmes or qualifications. Unlike the previous unit standards, the QCTO requires a skills programme to have a minimum duration of 10 days. Qualifications are longer.

At present, the only QCTO skills programmes related to programming are listed as NQF Level 4 and have a duration of 75 days. They are intended for novices entering the software development industry.

The real questions

Our clients invest in the training of their engineers and software developers so that they can develop and maintain reliable software systems.

Given the type of training we offer and the background of our delegates, the question about accreditation is really one of the following questions:

Is Incus Data the right choice for a training provider?

The fact that we have been training for more than 30 years tells you that we are reliable.

The many course reviews on our website tell you that our facilitators know their topic, and know how to teach it with enthusiasm.

If you are still unsure, contact us to arrange a drop-in session to experience our training for yourself.

Can you claim BBBEE points or a refund of skills levies for the training?

We don’t know. There is no consistency across the SETAs in this regard, and there is even more confusion with the change to QCTO accreditation. You will need to discuss that with your skills development facilitator.

But even if you can’t claim for the training, remember the real purpose of the training: better systems. Plus, of course, developers who enjoy greater job satisfaction.

You can access our last certificate of accreditation, as well as a letter on the current status.

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