Virtual Training

Why virtual instructor-led training?

Covid-19 has changed life for everyone. One of those changes is that Incus Data now offers all its courses as virtual training.

Instructor-led training is the most interactive form of training. Delegates get an immediate response to questions. And the instructor can change the content, or explain a concept in a different way.

Our virtual instructor-led training has all the benefits of instructor-led training. You will hear and see and interact with our lecturers. But you don't have the cost or time of travelling to a venue. And you stay safe and don't need to worry about exposure to the virus.

What we use for virtual training

We stream the lecture live to you. You will hear and see the lecturer. You can watch as the lecturer demonstrates something. You can talk, ask questions and send messages. You can share your screen if you have problems. And you can even put up your (virtual) hand if you need help.

Our lecturers work from dedicated rooms set up for virtual training. These rooms have webcams, microphones and studio lights to provide a great experience. We have a high-speed fibre connection for smooth streaming. And we have a generator, so we are not affected by power outages.

We use Zoom for the virtual training. We tested a range of options, and decided that Zoom provides the best experience. You can use Zoom inside the Google Chrome browser, so you don’t need to install the Zoom application.

In 2020 there were security concerns, but Zoom has resolved these. We add meeting security, such as a password. And there is no reason for a delegate to share confidential information during a course.

For in-company courses, we may use other software, such as Microsoft Teams. Please discuss this with us in advance, so that we can make the extra arrangements.

What you need to attend virtual training

To attend the virtual training, you need the following:

  • Internet access and adequate data.
  • For the virtual classroom, you need a device that has speakers or a headset, a microphone and a webcam.
    • You can use your computer or a tablet. You can even use a smart phone, but the screen may be too small to follow the demonstrations.
    • You don’t need two separate devices: you can use your computer for the coding and the classroom. In this case, it is useful to have an extra screen.
  • A computer for course work, and to access the virtual classroom.
  • Software for the actual coding. If you don’t already have this installed, we will send you links to download what you need.
  • Zoom software for the virtual classroom. You have two options. You can download the Zoom application and create a free account. Or you can run Zoom without an account inside your browser, if you are using Google Chrome.

How it works

We send every delegate detailed instructions before the course starts. These instructions include:

  • How to join the session, including the link and password.
  • Where to download the development software for the course. We use free software, so you do not need to buy anything.
  • A link to the online registration form.
  • Course material in electronic format.

During the course, we may share extra material, such as exercises.

We know that delegates sometimes have weak internet connections. To save bandwidth, you can switch off your webcam for most of the sessions.

What about governance?

The lecturer keeps a record of attendance, and signs the attendance register as proof. We also often take screenshots of all the delegates.

At the end of the course, you will complete an online evaluation form. A summary of the evaluations is available on request.

After the course, we email you your attendance certificate, in PDF format.

What’s the disadvantage?

Virtual training requires more self-discipline from you, as the delegate. If you switch off your camera, for example, the lecturer can’t be sure that you are there or paying attention.

We don’t mind if you join in your pajamas. But you must make sure that you don’t get distracted by emails or chores or children.

To benefit from any course, you need to pay attention, and do the exercises. That’s true whether it’s classroom-based training, virtual training or online training.

What about the future?

We don’t know when or if we will go back to classroom-training. Since our first virtual course in March 2020, we have asked all our delegates if they prefer virtual or classroom-based training. The majority prefer the convenience of virtual training.

You can have a great learning experience without risk, and from the convenience of your home or desk.

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